You ask – we answer



1. Free of charge – How can that work?

Our service is financed by the hotel which will later accommodate your conference – just like a travel agency. In case we are placing a conference in a hotel, we will get a commission from them. In no case that commission will be added to the displayed rates, which makes our service absolutely free of charge. No costs will apply – even in case you may not want to book any of the offered hotels.

2. With which conference locations/hotels are you in co-operation with?

We are in co-operation with the whole international hotel and conference location market. We are also in close collaboration with single hotels in the most common areas in Germany. You can rely on our long lasting venue finding experience. If you should have a favorite hotel, just name it and you will surely get a good offer from them.

3. Who is in consultation with the hotels and who is the contract partner?

We contact the hotels on your behalf to negotiate rates, promises and rejections. Detailed consultations and booking confirmations are later on arranged by yourself, so that you or your company is the contract partner. tch|hotels only acts as an intermediary.

4. Shall I hire further conference services?

We would not recommend it, though this might cause double requests at the hotels. As an effect on that, some hotels may block twice the space for the same event, which causes a lack of understanding with the hotels.

5. Are there any risks in hiring tch|hotels?

NO – due to our long lasting experience in conference business and in collaboration with hotels, we can give useful advises which hotel would suite best for your conference and to which facts you should pay attention to.

6. Will our rate agreement contracts be considered?

YES – if your company should have a rate agreement with a hotel or a hotel chain and/or a hotel co-operation, please just shortly inform us about it. Your conditions will of course be considered.

In case of any upcoming questions, please feel free to contact us via phone: +49 (0) 3 49 54 / 903 – 0 or mail: info@tch-hotels.de