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Participant management

Registration counter

The preparation of an event bundles a lot of personnel resources not only in the planning phase – but also on site during the event. Many details have to be clarified and often changes have to be made.

To guarantee the success of your event we take care:

  • Central drop-in centre for all interests of the event
  • Issue of the Badges
  • Account of outstanding items
  • Registration of new participants
  • Post-reservation of workshops and seminars
  • Answer of questions of information and orientation of your participants


By the professionalism of our employees we care for a smooth flow of the event and create a relaxed conference atmosphere right from the beginning.

  • Personal contacts during the whole process of the participant management
  • Especially trained with excellent manners
  • Appearance in given dress code on request
  • Our employees speak English fluently
  • If requested also other languages possible
  • Reservation and choice of hostesses possible