Moscow- venue for the soccer world Championship 2018

The capital city Moscow is twicely the venue of the soccer world championship in Russia in 2018.


Olympic Stadium Luzhniki

On 14th June 2018 the soccer world championship will start here with the first game: Russia against Saudi Arabia. Beside the 4 group matches, 1 round of sixteen, 1 semi- final und the final, the stadium is central stadium of the soccer world championship.

Capacity: 81.000 seats


14th June – 05.00 p.m. (UTC+1) Russia – Saudi Arabia

17th June – 05.00 p.m. (UTC+1) Germany – Mexico

20th June – 02.00 p.m. (UTC+1) Portugal – Morocco

26th June – 04.00 p.m. (UTC+1) Denmark – France

01st July – 04.00 p.m. (UTC+1) round of sixteen, winner group B – winner group A

11th July – 08.00 p.m. (UTC+1) semi-final, winner quarter-final 3 – winner quarter final 4

15th July – 05.00 p.m. (UTC+1) final

Here you will find hotels near the stadium.


Spartak stadium

The Spartak stadium is only used for soccer and has been opened in 2014 by Wladimir Putin as latest stadium of Russia. Only through the soccer world championship the stadium was connected to the public transport.

Capacity: 44.918 seats


16th June – 03.00 p.m. (UTC+1) Argentina- Iceland

19th June – 02.00 p.m. (UTC+1) Columbia – Japan

23rd June – 02.00 p.m. (UTC+1) Belgium – Tunisia

27th June – 08.00 p.m. (UTC+1) Serbia – Brazil

03rd July – 08.00 p.m. (UTC+1) round of sixteen, winner group H – winner group G

Here you will find hotels near the stadium.


Besides being the capital city of Russia, Moscow is the biggest city in the Russian Federation with a population of 12.4 million people. Furthermore Moscow is Europe’s second biggest city after Istanbul. Moscow is the political, economic and cultural heart of Russia.

Among 8 long-distance train stations and 3 international airports, Russia has 3 inland ports.

Therefore Moscow isn’t only an important transport hub, but also the biggest industrial city of Russia. Numerous buildings and institutions are on UNESCO world heritage list, like the Red Square and the Kremlin. Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world, after Tokyo and Osaka. Moscow is the cultural city of Russia- the Bolshoi Theatre and the State Tretjakov Gallery are known throughout the world.

Moscow - venue for the soccer world championship 2018

Olympic Stadium Luzhniki